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Writer's Block: Jumped the shark

Which television show continues to get worse every season and should just get cancelled already?
Crappy talent shows like American Idol, America's Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance. I would have said Project Runway (especially after that bitch Gretchen won last season) but I actually don't mind some of the new designers at least there's no one with a giant ego who's irritating to watch.... yet. Dancing with the Stars needs to go - who the hell wants to watch "celebrities" wear horrible costumes and attempt to dance just so they can hold on to their celebrity status and don't get me started on those leathery bitches on the Housewives shows and pretty much any reality show featured on MTV, TLC and E! Chelsea Lately can go too - please come up with some new jokes because just being an out right bitch isn't funny anymore.

As for non reality TV shows: House has been pathetic the last couple of seasons and after all of those seasons House and Cuddy FINALLY hook-up and then broke up within a couple of episodes - BULLSHIT. I could survive with Cameron and Chase breaking up because Cameron always had a stick up her ass about something but Cuddy and House? WTF?! Gossip Girl has to quit with the Chuck and Blair break ups just to promise they will get back together sometime in the future - so glad Jenny and Vanessa are gone but I HATE SERENA! Is her character ever going to grow into a human being or will she always be the pouty lipped imbecile who strings Dan and Nate along because she's "free spirited" (read: whore.) 90210... I seriously thought that would have been canned after the first season. One Tree Hill... I don't think I ever really liked that show but it was on before or after Gossip Girl. Degrassi The Next Generation - how did this show last longer than Radio Free Roscoe?! Pretty much any show on ABC family and the Disney Channel. Shows featuring douche bag guys I wanna punch in the face: Ghost Adventures and Deadliest Warrior. The Office... as much as I loved it, the second I saw that Will Ferrell would be on there I was terrified because he's just not funny and tends to ruin everything he is attached to. And Glee, I watched it and was entertained for awhile but now I just wanna punch Lea Michelle in the face because she's obnoxious in the show and IRL.

It probably looks like I watch a lot of tv but actually I use the DVR for everything because I hate commercials - I spend the rest of my time playing on the 'puter or reading.

Writer's Block: Get in my belly

What is your mother’s specialty dish? In other words, what food makes you salivate at the thought of it?

My mom doesn't like to cook or bake a whole lot but she makes the best banana bread and pumpkin pie and I always look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas just for those things. She makes decent chili and she use to make really good fry bread but for some reason the last few times she's made it, it turned out dry...

My grandma makes awesome potato salad and that is, hands-down, my favorite food of all time <3 I just wish she'd share the recipe...

The Scorpio Races Trailer Contest

Ever since I've finished Forever, I've been excited about Maggie Stiefvater's new book! October seems so far off or is it because I'm a total dork with no life? ... don't answer that...

Maggie Stiefvater's Livejournal: m-stiefvater.livejournal.com/212310.html

Cake Pops

Well the good news is that the cube shaped cake pops were much easier than I though but the bad news is that I bought white candy coating and hoped I could use my black food coloring to turn them gray and... well they turned purple. I also couldn't decorate them because I left my decorating bag and tips in Wisconsin :( The project wasn't a total failure considering Mike enjoyed the cake pops whether or not they were Companion Cubes. I told him I would try again when I can buy the black candy coating - I should contact the craft store to see when they will get that color in-stock since they're already putting out Halloween stuff (that color is only out for Halloween.)

Tomorrow, though I would like to get to the store to buy fruit roll-ups for my candy sushi and possibly a new set of decorating tips and bags. The camera on my cellphone kinda sucks at taking pictures >_< I need a new camera and some new headphones since I lost one of the ear buds...



I haven't been too active on my Livejournal only because I've actually been reading more and it's taking me awhile to catch up on reviews AND I've been working on my journal swap project. I've also been playing Star Wars Battlefront and Marvel Ultimate Alliance with Mike and one of his friends. Old games are awesome!

My sister, Jay, wanted me to come back to Wisconsin to help her pick out her wedding dress but I've been applying to jobs and hoping to get some interviews so I've been paranoid about leaving the state, even for a couple of days. I might plan a trip over the weekend to Madison to meet up with Jenna since that's only a couple of hours away but I'll have to get my air conditioning checked out, first. Last thing I want to do is make a trip in a hot car -_-; I can only hope that it cools down a bit - gosh, it's been a super hot summer :(

I picked up a new manga last week called Ai Ore - I really liked the odd couple in this story: a girl who looks like a guy and a guy who looks like a girl - neat. I picked up the second volume at Borders today along with Otomen 9 and 10 and on top of that I got Fruits Basket 19 - 21 in the mail so that'll entertain me for a couple of... hours, I guess. I love manga but I devour them quickly. By the way, I'm sad that Borders is closing :( I need to find another bookstore close by when they do finally shut down.

This isn't related at all but, Mike and I are finishing up the X-Men animated series on Netflix, so we'll have to find something else to watch and that will be a chore considering Mike doesn't like anything. Seriously, the man is picky about everything - even deciding on what to eat everyday is tough *sighs* I love him to death but he only likes a handful of things - he likes zombies, Final Fantasy 7, Portal, cats, chocolate... uh... I think that might be it. Well, I guess he likes Hellsing, too, but still, I like a lot of stuff so I can't comprehend how his brain works. I'm still weirded out by him not liking music - I was hoping he would come to like any of the cds I made him over the years but, alas, he doesn't really care. He did like the piano versions of the Final Fantasy 7 music though... My boyfriend is odd.

Angry book rant...Collapse )

I started working on some Portal themed cake pops for my boyfriend earlier and I'm not sure how well those will turn out... I made cake pops before so I get the idea but they were round so they were easy to do but to actually decorate them will be a challenge because I assume making cubes will be a lot different. I'm crossing my fingers that it works out and I'll post pictures if they come out. I've also had a craving for rice crispy treats so I might make some of those too ^_^ or should I make candy sushi? Those are delicious too!

Writer's Block: Life in the boob tube

What fictional television show would you want to live in? What character would you play?

Hmmm.... that's a tough one because I like so many shows ^_^;

True Blood - Not sure if I'd wanna be Sookie or Pam because both characters are awesome.

Game of Thrones - Jon Snow or Arya Stark

Meeting Maggie Stiefvater and More Books!

It was so hot today which wouldn't have been so bad if my air conditioner worked in my car and since I'm not working I doubt I can afford to have it fixed. Mike's GPS likes to take me in circles or tells me to turn at the last second so I spent longer in the hot vehicle than I wanted - I should get him a new one for Christmas... Anyway getting to the book shop was one thing but finding a parking spot was a different adventure -_-; I was already drenched in sweat and driving circles around the store to find a decent parking spot and on top of that the GPS kept yelling "recalculating" because I don't wanna take my eyes off the road to mess with it. I managed to find a spot a couple blocks away from the store and of course the car next to the open place was partially in the spot and parked really crooked. I decided to take it anyways since my old junker can easily be maneuvered into tiny places  and it actually fit nicely. I managed to get out of the car by squeezing myself out and figured I might have to jump over the passenger seat to get back in the car later. I shrugged that off because I was hot and wanted to hurry to the store since it was almost 6:30 and everything started at 7:00.

So I got inside and browsed the books and realized there was another author, Tessa Gratton, there to sign books too so I bought her book: Blood Magic.  I also picked up Numbers by Rachel Ward and picked up another copy of Forever for my sister, Jay, because she loves the Shiver series and because I'm a nice sister. I also picked up the new Martha Stewart Weddings magazine because I love wedding magazines - not getting married anytime soon but I like the pictures and the ideas ^_^; I felt like the odd-one-out because there were lots of teenaged girls and their moms at the book signing... I always feel old and out-of-place but I REALLY felt like that today. It wasn't too bad though because once Maggie started, I didn't care about being old and weird. She was awesome and while I forgot to have her autograph Shiver for me, I still had a fun time. I probably shouldn't keep adding books to my to-read list though since I buy them faster than I've been reading ^_^; oh well. I was kind of glad that Anderson's didn't have manga or I would have spent a ton more money today :p

Writer's Block: Breaking the bad

What’s a bad habit that you really need to quit?

Drinking soda and procrastinating. Especially the latter because when I'm motivated I can do anything but lately I've been kind of depressed so I can't accomplish anything. I'm being really lazy with Livejournal...

Writer's Block: Subtitles please

What is your favorite foreign film? Do you think there should be an American remake?

I really liked Battle Royale but every time a Japanese movie is remade by America, they're not very good. I also really love Amelie and it's a great movie as it is so I wouldn't want it to be remade.

Writer's Block: Look into my crystal ball

Where do you see yourself in five years or where don’t you see yourself? Why?

I think about the future but I don't have any specific plan. I want to still be in my relationship and whether or not it turns into marriage, but I want it to be just the 2 of us so no children. I don't have that affinity for children - never have and I feel like an alien when kids are around which is awkward when my boyfriend has 3 nieces...
I guess I would like to be going to school to become a pastry chef or a writer - I'm still deciding which would be a better path ^_^;